Giro Monza or Met Estro???

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Just bought a road bike and am dithering about a come on, which one????

thanks in anticipation
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  • Ber Nard
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    I've got a Monza and can't fault it. Can't comment on the Met.

    Would suggest with something as important as a helmet you try both on and go with whichever fits best.

  • Got a Giro Monza recently myself. Ordered it in large as I have a Xen in large and it fits fine (medium was too tight on the Xen). Large Monza is way too big for me for some reason. Even with Rocloc closed all the way its still flopping around on my head. Picked up a Bell Array in medium instead, lovely lid, pretty low profile too. Giro is a nice looking helmet and probably would have kept it if it fit, but the Bell came along and I'm happy with the purchase.
  • Gav888
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    Ive also got a Monza, can't fault it. :D
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  • dru
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    also have the monza and it's perfect for me... but like has already mentioned - you need to make sure which one fits you the best.
  • i have a monza, echo the comments above, its a great helmet
    just make sure when you buy one it fits - most important thing.
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  • boondog
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    I've got a new Monza, after I landed on my old one and cracked it in 6 places :shock:
    Crash replacement alone makes them a great choice.
  • cal_stewart
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    +1 for the monza can't say you need to buy anything better.
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  • I've had both, both good helmets, go and try both to see which suits your head shape better.

  • I have the Giro Monza and it's a very good helmet apart from one thing, which may just be me anyway; it kind of looks like a mushroom on my head. As in the sides seem to stick out more than usual. does anyone know a helmet that has a more streamlined shape? I was looking at the Bell Sweep.
    Maybe it's just my head! :roll:
  • I picked up the Bell Array recently and found it to be pretty low profile, more so than the equivalent size Monza. Cheaper than the Sweep I think too. Seen the Array in the shop and had assumed it was gonna be pretty expensive judging by looks, picked it up for 70 euro, which was nice.
  • boondog
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    forgot to ask what you're using it for ? commuting, leisure, racing ?
    Mine is for commuting, I use a different one for racing, it's lighter and has more ventilation.
  • giant_man
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    I've had both, both good helmets, go and try both to see which suits your head shape better.
    +1 - That's what will determine it, not how pretty each helmet is .....