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Can anyone recommend me some overshoes for around £30, preferably ones that can keep the cold out and aren't too much of a fiddle to fit.



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    Some earlier threads recommended the planet-x offerings, I've replaced my enduras with them. Seem thicker material and have velcro fastenings. Not expecting to try them until January though :shock:
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    I brought some cheapie ones from Lidl, used them yesterday on a 105km audax, in temps of around 2C, damp and very foggy, kept my feet toastie warm, not bad for £4!!!
  • I have some Gore Oxygen overshoes (think that is what they are called). They are ipened by velcro at the back of the leg. Very good although not had heavy rain to try them in yet nbut I am sure they will be fine. They seem much more hard wearing than others I have had.
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    I've got the Endura ones and some Rapha ones. I use the Rapha ones on dry cold days and the Endura ones on wet days. I have to say the Endura ones are fantastic value, you can get them for around the £20 mark. They really work well against the cold and the wet.
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    Pro Tarmac NPU+

    3 hours in the cold and rain today and my feet stayed warm. Got a bit wet near the end but I suspect this is because it went down the tops are my tights were soaked.
  • I think overshoes are an absolute must. I have the Endura ones, and they are very good - they keep my feet completely dry. Still get chilly toes though, so maybe some thicker ones would be even better for the mid-winter.
  • ive got the endura overshoes. great for £20 and not had a problem with cold feet.
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    I got some PRO tarmac H2O ones. Quite happy with them, the keep my feet warm and dry in all conditions Ive been out in (just about anything). They are nice and thin too so dont scuff your crank arms. They are a bit bigger than their sizing suggests, so go a size down if ordering.

    Ive also a pair of neoprene endura MT500 ones for MTB use, and in one ride they totally removed the black anodising from my truvativ cranks. wouldnt buy again.
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    PRO tarmac H2O

    Lovely and warm, only let the water in after a significant length of time, BUT I had to return mine after only a few months wear due to the seam sealing tape becoming detached almost completely from one and partially from the other. Bike shop manager initially said they had been overstreched. I pointed out that his employee had given me advice on sizing and I had only ever put them on and taken them off in the way demonstrated to me. :roll:

    After more chunterring about supplier may want to repair them rather than replace them I left them with the bike shop, giving them a week to sort it. Bearing in mind the many hundreds of pounds I have spent there in the last 8 months I had already decided that if they didn't replace them I would be taking my custom elsewhere. They were replaced and I am yet to venture out in the new ones.

    So be aware.

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    Yep, mine are coming apart too. It's easy to catch your cleat on the seam when putting them on and off. I don't find them particularly warm either.
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    I've got Endura neoprene ones too. Great for waterproofing, pretty good for warmth. Just don't fall off - I ripped both last winter in minor spills. On the plus side, they are easy to repair using a puncture repair kit!!
  • Thanks for the suggestions guys, I've gone for the PRO Tarmac H2O, hopefully they can keep my toes a bit warmer than they were this morning!
  • I buy a size 8 shoe and use Aldi SPD type shoes during the winter (no ventilation holes in the sole) , great value and fit at about £20. I do not recommend Aldi overshoes as the zip up the back is very flimsy and does not last very long. Make sure you take a shoe with you when shopping for overshoes as size labelling amongst different manufacturers is all over the place. In the end I went for the Endura MT500 MTB Overshoe size Large which gave a good fit costing £25 from Evans Cycles. It is a tough robust overshoe (so not for the racing snakes) that can be walked in without fraying away in five minutes.
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    Good choice. Interested to hear others views on there regarding thm coming apart. Mine have been fine for well over a year. I do just leave then on my shoes however, seems pointless taking them fully on and off each time I go out.
  • I have a pair of Castelli Diluvios which seem (so far anyway) to be reasonably waterproof and keep my feet mostly warm. Toes still get a bit cool after a couple of hours but I have a ventilated toe-box (not a euphamism :D )

    They don't zip, but stretch over the heel. Are a bit of a b*gger to get over the cleat as they're so tight, but are quite secure at the ankle with a velcro strip. I haven't been out yet in really heavy stuff, so don't know if the ankle cuff stops most of the water running down the legs :shock:
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    I seem to wear the soles out where the edging is around the holes for the cleats. Does anyone else get this? I wear SPD shoes for commuting and only walk a few yards at each end on the journey. This happened on some cheapish DHB overshoes and heavy duty Endura mountain bike overshoes.
    Does anyone have any solutions for this appart from tip-toeing into the office?
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