Ultegra wheels Vs Planet-X Model B

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Anybody have any comparisons of these wheels (Ultegra 6700 & Planet-X Model B)?

Was wondering if the Ultegras are worth double that of the Planet-X's. I'm very light so spoke count/strength isnt that much of an issue for me. Never had any dealings with Planet-X as a company in terms of parts or as a company so just after some advice. Are the wheels solid, do bearings hold up etc...? Will be used for training and some cat4 racing.

Thanks for any help.


  • Model B's are great wheels for £100 but haven't used ultegras - my best wheels are Dura Ace which are noticeably 'better' but unless you want some bling, certainly not £300+ better

    In fact unless you've got cash burning a hole in your pocket, I'd say the B's are astounding value andwill do everything you need them to
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    Yes, i have the Ultegras on the summer bike and Bs on the winter bike.

    I find the Ultegras a bit stiffer than the Bs. But both good wheels for the money.
    The advantage of the Bs over the Ultegras in winter is that they have sealed bearings.

    For winter training wheels the PX Bs are a very good buy, i dont think you'll go wrong with um.
    Planet X are great to deal with as well, never had any problems, fast delivery and service.

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    Model B's. Tough, lightish and cheap.
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  • model B's for me. seem to be fairly tough, not had to bring a spoke key to them yet, and light too.
    one thing that does go unnoticed is the hubs - model B's seem to be really good; spin the front wheel a little bit, and it takes ages to stop, so im guessing the bearings in there of a good quality.
    my RS10 wheels dont spin nearly as well, although thats a bit further down the range to Ultegra
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