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Installing chains from Chain Reaction

RecessRecess Posts: 58
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Has anyone here bought a Shimano 9 speed chain from Chain Reaction (HG53)? The reason I ask is that that chain pin it comes with isn't the normal Shimano Pin you buy in packs - it doesn't have the pointy end that you snap off once it's been fed through the link.

And, the reason I point that out is that every time I try to install a chain with this stubby pin from Chain Reaction - I just blow out the other side of the link - it doesn't go in and out nicely - and I just have to pop out that link, and use a standard Shimano one instead.

Am I doing something disastrously wrong do you think? Or is the Chain reaction pin just unworkable.


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  • RecessRecess Posts: 58
    Ah, just managed to do it with the pin provided. Sorry for posting such a pointless message.

    Success is merely a failure to imagine more...
  • they sold me one like that once

    it was also several links short

    ive never bought from them since- they sell dodgy gear :evil:
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  • Sure you havn`t missed the correct joining pin in a little plastic packet in the box? I noticed that there was one of the small pins you mention in the packet when I opened it, it looked to me like it was the remains of the chain having been split off a big roll of chain, the pin is the bit you push out and throw away when you cut a chain. I found the correct joining pin in a tiny packet that had dropped on the floor when I pulled the chain outa the box :?
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    many OE chains come with a semi pre installed pin that is for machine fitting not hand fitting.
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