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Easycycling site launched

BikingBeckyBikingBecky Posts: 20
edited November 2010 in Road beginners
I just launched a new cycling site two weeks ago which aims to help you if you're new to cycling.

Are you looking for free advice on how to cycle to work or do your first sportive?

Give a wee browse - it's a completely free resource and right now there is a free download on how to improve your bike descending skills when you sign up for my cycling tips newsletter...

Hope this is useful to you and look forward to interacting with you soon,



  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
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  • 3Pears3Pears Posts: 174
    Great effort so far Rebecca, keep it going :D
  • Very interesting and informative. I have just bought my first road bike and hope to compete in some "distance" riding......I may have a slight advantage inasmuch I have been mountain biking fot the past 10 years so my fitness levels are not too bad. I'm hopefully going to take early retirement (enforced at the age of 63 so not bothered) and will be able to concentrate on the training and not have to bother with work. I shall follow your progress with great interest. Good luck!
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  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    It''s actually not bad, well done!
  • My wife doesn't like it when I interact with other women.
  • Great site Rebecca, well done. And well done on becoming a Mummy. Becoming a Dad, now to two wonderful children the youngest of which is 11 weeks old, were my greatest achievements too.
    I've book marked the site and will check up on your training, and use it as a reference for my training too.
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    8) very good well done
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  • Just to say many thanks for the encouragement on the new cycling site - greatly appreciated!

    Some replies back to you:

    gregster10217 - yes my little girl will be 1 year old in a week's time - kids are amazing fun but oh so hard work...thanks for your comments and hope you enjoy the site.

    Zachariah - don't worry, just tell her I'm happily married - and if she ever wants to get on a bike - to simply send me an email and I'll help her out.

    giant mancp - thanks for the support!

    allez24 - nothing better than carrying on your cycling during your retirement when you got a bit more time - well done and I hope to hear how you get on in your distance cycling events, you sound like you have a good bit of biking experience behind you...good luck.

    3Pears and Scrumple - thanks - it really is nice to have some support.
  • sagaloutsagalout Posts: 338
    Looks to be a really good site. Nice design (word press?) and good quality content. I'll bookmark it and have a proper look later.

    Only negative would be to please lose the comic sans from the strap line! The rest of the typography is nice but that really spoils it - only a small thing but it's the details that count ;)

    Good luck with it!

    Edit - if it is wordpress (I can't check source at the moment) then download the seo pack plugin. This will give you seo friendly urls so it gets picked up better
  • munzymunzy Posts: 111
    Like it, well done - clear and friendly site :)
  • rob-Drob-D Posts: 18
    sagalout wrote:
    Edit - if it is wordpress (I can't check source at the moment) then download the seo pack plugin. This will give you seo friendly urls so it gets picked up better

    As of 2220hrs on 20/11/2010, it already appears to be top hit for 'easy cycling' :)
  • sagaloutsagalout Posts: 338
    Yeah but its unlikely that many people would be searching for 'easy cycling'. More like 'cycling for beginners' or 'cycling advice' etc
  • good site,have added to my favourites :)
  • If you want to appear well in searches, concentrate on the blog article content, titles etc. and don't worry about the site name. Easy cycling is quite memorable anyway.

    According to Google, the monthly searches are:
    easy cycling 260
    cycling advice 390
    cycling for beginners 1000
    cycle training 12,100 (not surprising)

    So lots of different articles about cycle training give quite a bit to go for.
  • sagaloutsagalout Posts: 338
    That's my point - the word press seo pack allows you to tailor the urls to match the content. It's definitely a useful addon
  • Yep, its surprising how Google picks up those long url names and bits of phrases you get from the seo pack.

    There's probably a lot more posts you could write about helm*ts as well, but your blog would fill up with comments in a matter of seconds !
  • dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
    Nice attempt to create a cycle website that is actually useful.

    However using the 'easy' prefix be sure you are not pursued by the larger companies who use 'Easy' in their titles for infringement - we all know the ones. Apart from this great idea ............ downhill all the way!
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  • vorsprungvorsprung Posts: 1,953
    I've linked it from my blog
  • Nice site.
    I've not been out on the bike for a few weeks now and what with it getting colder and colder i was wondering when i would. (last year out in all weathers) Had a quick browse through your site and it inspired me enough to Man-Up and within 30 mins i was kitted up and out on a short 15 miler . Looking forward to my next day off for another.
    It's now bookmarked>
    I look at my bike and I! you are gorgeous (Boardman Urban Pro.........)
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Nice one!

    Some good info there. As part of the aim of the site is to inform beginners, how about a 'glossary' section where you explain what all the terminology means? Just a suggestion, keep it up!
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