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What rim suggestions?

MarcBCMarcBC Posts: 333
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I have an Orbea Aqua 2011 with Shimano 500 wheelset and 105 groupset (10 speed). TBH, the hubs are appalling in terms of rolling resistance. Ergo I want some new wheels.

I am thinking of Dura Ace for the hubs. Due to my current weight, probably with a 36/32 spoke set up. I use XTR on my MTB and they are brilliant.

What rims would you suggest to go with those hubs? At 18st, carbon is probably not an option for me. Further, I do not race so aero is not needed. Something strong but light please.

Budget is only an issue in terms of I want to be sensible about this, but if the product really is the canines crown jewels, perhaps I can spend the extra pennies.



  • balthazarbalthazar Posts: 1,565
    Mavic Open Pro, though certainly not perfect, are as good as rims currently get – and are reasonably likely to be still in production when they wear out, making replacement straightforward. Ambrosio have made some nearly identical rims for years too.
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    IRD Cadence Aero or the more readily available Halo Mercury (same rim I believe).
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  • vorsprungvorsprung Posts: 1,953
    XTR hubs are 135mm and won't fit in the 130mm dropouts of a road bike

    I usually build wheels with Mavic Open Pros or Ridga Chrina.

    The Open Pros are expensive and occassionally fail at the eyelet holes
    The Chrinas are slightly heavier but cheaper and last longer

    If you have £275 these seem like a bargain ... her-wheels
  • MarcBCMarcBC Posts: 333
    Thanks peops, I will have a look at those suggested.

    Vorsprung, thanks and am aware of that. I have XTR on my MTB, hence looking at Dura Ace for the road bike.
  • I run 36/32 using Rigida DP18. Very pleased with them indeed.
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