brake upgrade - 105 to ultegra??

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been thinking of upgrading the brakes from 105 to ultegra. wondering if its worth doing this? is there much difference between the two? or would it be better just to get some much better pads than my current ones?


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    I did this as I was getting shifter rattle. I think according to one of my mates the sealing is much better in Ultegra brakes and therefore I did the upgrade with some second hand ones and am very pleased. I would go for it.
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    I upgraded from Tiagra to Ultegra (years ago now) and while I did feel a difference it was so small it could well have been all in my head. I changed from the stock pads to Swissstop recently, and that was a much bigger difference. So I'd advise brake blocks now if you want improved braking, and watch the online stores + eBay for a bargain set of brakes without needing to rush.

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  • +1 for changing brake pads.
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    I doubt you'd notice to be honest.
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    I went from Tiagra to Ultegra, there was a small but noticable improvement.
    If you can pick up some second hand for £35 or so then it is worth doing IMHO.
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  • I would go for changing the brake pads first to either Koolstop Salmons or Swissstop Greens. Both have their merits but the Koolstops are slightly cheaper. They are much better than the stock Shimano pads.
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    Could anyone tell me which swissstop (or other good pads) should be used with the Ace Veloce version please - it's just that the brakes themselves are branded as Colnago rather than Campag so not sure at all? Thanks
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  • No point in going from 105 to Ultegra, you will not notice any difference, I can say this from personal exp.

    You would be better spending £35 on some Swisstop yellow pads, fantastic brakes and what I use on my summer bike.

    I use greens on my winter bike and they are vastly better than stock pads.

    Koolstops are also worth a shout, as I used them before the Swisstops, but prefer the latter.
  • Not the brakes themselves. You'll be better off replacing or trying different pads.

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    +1 for after market pads such as Koolstop or Swissstop.