Orbea Aqua TTG or Ridley EOS?

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I'm looking for some advise on my first road bike venture... I've been looking at the Orbea Aqua TTG and the Ridley EOS and was looking for some advice from people out there on which would be the better or if there are any pros / cons to either bike from people's experience.

I'm looking at weekend riding and general all round use - probably fair weather rider to start with, so nothing too serious!

Any advice would be welcome.



  • richh
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    I'd go for the Orbea, indeed hte only reason I didn't get one one was that my company ended up using the Evans C2W scheme so they weren't an options for me. the black/orange looks stunning (much bettter in the metal rather than in photos - the orange iis really bright with flecks of different colours in it. Almost pearlescent)

    The EOS is quite a lot heavier IIRC.

    Try both though, one might just fit you better.