Recommend me a wheelset

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I primarily ride on an outdoor track, but will do the odd indoor session here and there.

I'm quite ashamed to mention that Im riding on a Giant Bowery 72 (the 72 is important :P), but I'm going on an upgrade spree.

Im almost at the point where the only bits I haven't changed are the frame/forks and wheels.

So can someone recommend me some wheels? Preferably ones that uses clinchers. This is as I cycle to the track (a massive 2 miles each way </sarc>).

Though I will more than likely get some better tyres for indoor use only. So far Conti Supersonics or a Vittoria something or other have been recommended.

The local club recommended something akin to Miche hub and Open Pro rim?

Budget is sub £500.

The bike does do some road miles, but the existing wheelset can do that no problem as they are pretty bad roads and the existing wheel is a flip flop with a freewheel one side.
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  • goltec hubs, built onto CXP33. Absolutely bombproof fixed wheels.

    I had mine built up start of summer 2009 and they have seen around 3000 miles. They are light (enough), super strong, the cxp33 is a nice looking rim.. and the hubs are bombproof + smooth. They are still super true running nice. Look forward to another winter on them
  • I've got suzue pro max on cadence aeros built by this guy