metal and plastic flats

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Please could you take a few minutes to fill in this 10 question survey about plastic and metal flat pedals.

thanks in advance.

Hope this is the correct section to drop this in...

The survey is part of my final year project.


  • x-isle
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    Done for you! :)

    Are you making new pedals for you final year!?
    Craig Rogers
  • Lewss
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    I am though technically i am required to find if such a product is required... there doesn't seem to be allot of plastic pedals out there that perform very well... they seem to be just there as a basic cheap option...
  • supersonic
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    Many DJers are turning to basic plastic flats like this: ... elID=40073

    Less damage to their shins, cheap to replace and out and out grip is not always a consideration.

    But for plastic to overtake metal will take some engineering - steel pins are much, much harder than plastic studs, and last a lot longer. The whole structure is stronger.

    Even those Gusset pedals are heavier than some metal ones, and only 25g lighter than the 30 quid Wellgo Mg1.
  • All done for you :D
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  • All done,

    But i'm not convince by plastic pedals in the a good crash with rocks or anything.
  • x-isle
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    I tend to agree, but then someone pointed out that I use Shimmy DX's which have a plastic/resin case and they never seen to break?
    Craig Rogers