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Hi new here

I've recently got into mountain biking. I am looking at buying the specalized hardrock disc 2011. Is this a good spec for the money? I will be riding light trials, nothing too heavy, will this bike up too it?

http://www.primera-sports.com/products/ ... -7936.aspx


  • When i was looking for a bike around this price range about a year ago the Hardrock Sport Disc was recommended again and again, on several different forums.

    I obviously increased my budget in the end and bought something else so i can't personnaly comment on the bike
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    I think mine is great. Very good frame but some poor components. Good if you intend to upgrade in the future. More than capable of what you want to do. I have to say though that the forks are crap, very harsh ride no matter how soft you adjust them (poor quality dampers) but for £125 you can get a set of rockshox that transform the feel of the bike. Also the tyres are useless in mud so you will need £40 to replace them.
    Have a look at 2010 bikes, there are some very good discounts available.
  • Cheers folks
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    I have to be honest: it's poor value. 7 speed components, steel bars, and cheap fork let it down when for this money you can get bikes with adjustable damped forks, 8 or 9 speed groupsets that are smoother and lighter, full alloy finishing kit and even hydraulic disc brakes.

    It does have a nice frame though, and is worth upgrading: but as a package to keep, it lacks.

    I'd have a look at the Decathlon Rockrider 5.3 and Carrera Vengeance Ultimate.
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    It's probably one of the better choices if you plan to upgrade but you can get a good frame for ess than £200 if you have got good components.
    Nothing for under £500 will have a good fork though (RS Tora or better)
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    Carrera Vengeance Ultimate has just that - for 400 quid you get a Tora TK, 9 speed and hydro discs.
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    supersonic wrote:
    Carrera Vengeance Ultimate has just that - for 400 quid you get a Tora TK, 9 speed and hydro discs.
    Normal retail is (according to Halfords highly fluctuating prices) between £645 & £670

    Yes you can get the Carrera for £400, but once it goes back to full RRP it's not a fair comparison

    I do agree that the 2011 Spesh Hardrock Disc is woefully spec'd though (and quite a few other 2011 Spesh's are poor value too)
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    Ah, Halfords insane RRPs lol.

    Nevertheless, a 2011 bike at 400 quid, and has been for a while now.
  • cheers, I had settled on the hardrock after reading a short (positive) review of it in mountain bike UK but will look at these other bikes now, sorry aint got much of a clue!!
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    I agree with super, the Hardrock is mostly priced for the brand at the entry level, but I wouldn't opt for a halfords own brand either...

    Take your 350 quid and get your self a used rockhopper.

    vastly better frame
    9sp, decent components
    hydro brakes and if you are lucky an air shock.

    Then sell it next year for 50 quid less.
  • Going to look at the vengance tonight, why would you avoid them?
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    theres nothing wrong with the bike, its more who sets it up!
  • I'd definitely go down the second hand route.
    I picked up a Felt Q820 2009 for £310 earlier on this year and it's perfect.
    The guy I bought it from paid about £850 so it was a bit of a bargin!

  • Just been to look at the vengeance and to my untrained eye it looks good and feels good. The guy in the shop was helpful and polite, although he didn't really seem too know much!
    If i did buy it i would let them build it and get some else to check it over.

    Understand the points been made about second hand bikes but the problem i have is that i don't know anybody that would be selling one and wouldn't be confident buying online.

    The vengeance is only 375 with online discount.
  • ps

    bought the vengeance ultimate, feels great, thanks for the advice :D
  • Can't comment on the disc other than the blue and black colour scheme is terrible, lad at my college put his disc next to mine and I'm so glad I spent the extra 100 quid to get the sport!

    I've had my sport disc for around 2 months and love it, as said the forks and tyres would be the first thing I'd recommend upgrading.

    I'd upgrade the pedals before you even set foot on the bike also
  • I've got the Hardrock comp disc 2010 in April, pretty decent bike but after 5 months of offroad trail riding the forks wore out. Wouldn't recommend it if you wanted to do some serious trail riding.

    The tyres will need replacing straight away for something with more grip, especially in this weather.
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    I've got the Sport Disc 2010, and I'm finding it alright.

    There are a couple of things that have annoyed me: I'm really feeling the limits of the forks, and have just ordered some Recons that Merlin were doing for a steal.

    Not sure if you'd have the same problem with the Acera SLs, but the gear indicators on the SRAM X4 shifters that came with mine make it awkward to put the brakes inboard, which can make even slightly rough downhills dangerous. Basically, the way the bars came set up with levers outboard meant I was having to grab the brakes with my index and middle fingers to get any power, and the other two + thumb don't hold the bar so strongly over bumps. After a faceplant on an unmaintained black run, I ended up cutting off the gear indicators to get the brake position just right, then sealing the gaps in the shifters with silicone putty.

    It came with pedals, but they were plastic rubbish; immediately replaced them.

    There is nothing else about the bike that's annoyed me. The brakes I find okay; the furthest I've pushed them is to dump 44MPH on road (steepest, longest hill near where I live) in about fifty yards. They got hot, but didn't complain much. The non-sport Disc spec is vague, but it looks like you might not get the same Avid BB5s with it.

    The front end can be a bit light during hill climbs, likewise if you're really nailing it on the flat from a standing start, it might bob up a tiny bit. Slightly surprising given the weight of the forks, but not severe enough to be a problem.

    I don't have a great deal to compare with, since the last MTB I rode was all cromo, no suspension in the 90s, but I've found the Hardrock Sport fine for a bit of XC up in the Peak District.

    Edit: I also got mine from Primera. It arrived quickly and intact, and I haven't had to go back to them on anything.
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    Hardrocks have much better frames than the Carreras.... Admittedly the spec is much lower on the Spesh but it will eventually make up for it in ride quality and design. The pedals are called test pedals, literally to let you try the bike in the shop and ride it home to fit your own choice of pedal (either SPD or decent flat). Most of the hardrocks have 2 colour choices too this year! Dont forget as well they have a lifetime frame warranty.
    Having sold both bikes for a living, I know which are wayyy better in quality, backup, availability and spares.
  • with Specialized you are really paying for a decent quality frame that will make a good base for long term upgrades - and with the lifetime warranty on the frame its worth spending money upgrading parts as the frame will not let you down, and if it does during normal use, you are covered under warranty

    something to be aware of with the Hardrock is that its truly a recreational mountain bike aimed at light use - which is reflected in the price - its an entry level bike

    its only once you get up to the Hardrock Pro Disc or the basic Rockhopper you truly get a "trail capable" bike with hydraulically damped fork, hydraulic disc brakes and hard wearing transmission

    you can get the damped fork and hydro discs on cheaper bike, but the frames are much cheaper and feel poor to ride off-road on rough terrain - a close friend of mine manages a Halfords store and would admit that the Boardmans are killer value apart from the frame itself which is often crude compared to a Specialized / Giant / Trek of a similar pricepoint (which will have downgraded parts compared to the Boardman)

    if you want a proper trail bike with a quality frame you need to be spending £600+
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    I have upgraded my Hardrock quite a lot now & I am starting to wonder if it would have been cheaper to buy a bike with good components & buy a better frame. You can get a On-One 456 frame for £170 for harder trail riding or a Scandal frame for about £250 if XC is your thing. To upgrade forks, brakes & wheels costs about £500.