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Retro 1998 Klein Mantra Race

mcj78mcj78 Posts: 634
edited November 2010 in Your mountain bikes
Hey all, been meaning to stick some photos up of my bikes for a bit - ran out of laziness so here we are! :D








Frame: 1998 Klein Mantra Race, Koi Fade, medium

Fork: 2001(ish?) Rockshox Judy SL

Rear Shock: Cane Creek AD5

Wheels: 2001(ish?) Mavic Crossmax

Brakes: Avid SD7

Gear shifters:Shimano XT M750

F&R mechs: Shimano XT M750

Crankset: Race Face Next LP

Cassette: Ultegra 6500

Chain: Shimano 9spd

Bottom Bracket: Shimano

Stem: Thomson Elite 90mm

Headset: WTB Momentum Greaseguard

Bars: Syncros 6061

Seatpost: Syncros 6061

Skewers: Syncros

Saddle: SDG Ventura

Grips: Planet X

Tyres: Maxxis Xenith 1.5" Slicks

There we are, one for the retro heads - bit of a marmite bike but I love it, even the glittery saddle/grip combo :oops: Dunno what it weighs - i'll use the highly innacurate luggage scales I have at home if anyone wants to know - prob between 23-25lbs :wink:

Moda Issimo
Genesis Volare 853
Charge Filter Apex


  • fatladfatlad Posts: 105
    Wow, so many happy memories looking at that!

    Great bike mate.

    How does it ride compared to a modern machine?
    If you dont ride in the rain, you dont ride
  • gezzzagezzza Posts: 324
    You are too cool for skool 8)

    you could only be cooler by haveing a pre trek Klein
  • I bet that turns a few heads (in mountain bike circles)!
    Good to see old school Bikes keep on living and that suspension design is certainly interesting.
    I do remember the 90's as a time when everyone was trying different designs.
    Shame you can't buy a Klein anymore. lovely colour also!
    What is it like to ride? How does it compare to modern bikes?
    With those tyres I take it doesn't see much off road action, too risky?

    I have a Trek 7000 from 1990 it's my hack bike but hard tails have changed a lot since then.

  • That is most strangely sexy weird censored frame I have ever seen in my life. How much travel does it have?
  • mcj78mcj78 Posts: 634
    Cheers for the comments guys, nice to see that old classics are still appreciated!

    On the ride front, the old shock (Fox Alps 5R) had rebound adjustment which was useful to say the least - the Cane Creek job on there just now is purely air-pressure dependant so it's a fine balance between a pogo stick & nice smooth travel, the old shock was pretty wrecked though so the new one has stiffened the bike up massively - feels really solid now.
    You need to be careful with the head angle/front travel too, Gary Klein apparently designed these to be used with a rigid fork up front so when the fork compresses fully, the combination of the head angle steepening and the rear shock unweighting due to the single, high pivot throws all of your weight forward - not good on steep descents! Trick is to keep your censored on the saddle as much as possible & don't grab too much front brake! There's plenty enough travel to accomodate all but the roughest of terrain anyways so that's mostly achievable - 6" + which is plenty for a fairly light xc bike! Forks are currently set at 60mm I think but it rides much better with 80 or 100mm as you get a slacker head angle & less issues with forward pitch under braking.
    I bought it second hand around 2001 & at the time rode XC on it for which it was perfectly suited, once dialled in properly it's really nice to ride - a bit of a handfull on really steep, technical stuff but not too bad. Last few years it's been wearing the slicks in the picture & only really used for easy rides & commuting on nice days - i'd still use it for light xc duties but I have another bike which I usually take to Glentress or somewhere similar.
    As for the the pre-Trek Kleins, I love 'em! This being a '98 model had sadly missed the chance to have the oversize Airhead-set, Mission Control bar/stem, press-fit aerospace grade ti BB etc. but thankfully the paint is still true to the older models!

    Moda Issimo
    Genesis Volare 853
    Charge Filter Apex
  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 6,401
    Oldskool-tastic! That is one seriously nice bike.
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