Ergo bars for big hands !

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Just wondering if anyone out there has the same problem. I have big hands which basicall render most drops useless as cant fit my hands in them.

I am currently using the Cinelli Neo Morphe bars and love the flat tops, power sections on the sides and the curved section after the drops as they are longer than other bars i have tried and i can actually get a fistful of them!

The problem is I just cant get into the drops! The angled area is so small that I basically have to be lying on my top tube with my hand in an impossible position to fit them in!

I have just received my Collnago M10 frame and looking if there is maybe something else that someone has triid and liked or would recommend? Ideally Deda or 3T but open to any suggestions!

Also is this a problem with ergo bars? Should i be looking at normal bars instead?

Thanks all
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    i've got a deda newton on mine, it comes in three versions, i've got the anatomic, there's also one called 'deep' which has extra reach

    ideally you need to go to a shop that does plenty of custom builds as they should have a decent range of dbars to try, i got mine as mosquito in london, they had quite a few

    otherwise you can see the measurements on deda's website ... Master=365
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