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Mythic Rampant

Cheez1tsCheez1ts Posts: 12
edited November 2010 in Your mountain bikes
I finially finished this bike up just the way I want with a new pair of brakes last week, so I figure that means I should post it up. Finally started doing everything MBUK tells me to, so I'm on your UK site now :P. Here's my little freeride machine from across the pond;





  • Very nice looking! I've never even heard of Mythics before, but looks like a very nice frame.
  • jay12jay12 Posts: 6,306
    super nice. i prefer the red one ough ;)

    i wish i lived in canada :(
  • Really, Mythic (Banshee)'s raw is amazing, That's after a year of abuse, still looks brand new.
    I love B.C, 17 days of Whistler on the Rampant, even got some action shots on it :)
    Still wouldn't mind a nice trip to the alps for some mountain biking though. I've got a stack of MBUK's with all the places I'de like to visit over there :P.





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