Cervelo S1 - any test centres in the North West?

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I'm currently thinking of two different options for a tri bike - either build up a Cervelo S1 or get a completed Campag-equipped bike like the Wilier Izoard XP Xenon. I've heard things about how incredible the power transfer is on the S1 but not about the Izoard.

No doubt I'll find somewhere to test out the Wilier but how am I supposed to get a read on the performance of the S1 without there being a test centre to try out a fully-built bike? It's an expensive decision so I'd want to try before buying. Or is the S1 really not that much better than the Wilier Izoard? I think the cost would be a little bit less too, which could then be saved to buy some blingtastic carbon deep-sections.........

Anyone know of a bike shop in the North West where I could try out the S1?


  • Not rode the Izoard XP but own last years model Izoard which if you read up on the threads on here is a bit different to this years offering in weight and I believe the carbon used. I was able to have a short test ride on a built up S1 a few weeks ago

    The S1 does feel stiff and responsive, but no more so than the Wilier, and does not come close to the Izoard in comfort terms. It's feels very good for an Aluminium frame, much better than my Defy but from my limited test ride it does not feel as nice as the Wilier.

    I would not replace my Izoard with an S1, but would consider the S1 as a replacement to my Giant, but I don't see it as better - I would say different !

    I was lucky that my local Cervelo retailer had a S1 built up that I was able to ride (an ex Madison demo bike) they had in, so well worth speaking to the local retailer in your area to see if they can help.
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    Paul Hewitt is a Cervelo retailer.
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    Royles at Wilmslow too i think ?
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    I've heard things about how incredible the power transfer is on the S1 but not about the Izoard

    How are you going to measure just how incredible the power transfer is to know if its any better than the Willer?
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    How are you going to measure just how incredible the power transfer is to know if its any better than the Willer?

    LOL you're saying that because there aren't any complete ones out there..........or because I won't be strong enough to notice?

    Either that or you're commenting as a very happy Wilier customer. One of many I see. So time to go searching for places that have the Izoard XP to test then........
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    Neither and not a Willer owner either just highly sceptical that anyone even if they have the thighs of Fabian Cancelara could tell whether one bike has lower energy losses than another. Don't get sucked into the blather you read in bike reviews. Just buy the one that fits you best or if they both fit then pick the one that you like the look of more.
  • I've never owned a willier but i've had plenty of the big name bikes and i now own an S1 and its the best bike i've ever had.
    I did build it up to my spec with bars and saddle that i love so its mega comfy for me.

    The S1 ticks all the boxes and i managed to build it with sram force and Planet x model b wheels for under £1700.
    There are so many nice bikes out there, i love the Moda Stretto and would be tempted by that at the moment.

    I do have to agree with twotyred though, dont get sucked in by the hype.
    My S1 is fast because i put all the bits i wanted on it, It now has dura ace 1380's....
    I've taken a few club members bikes that cost twice the price for a spin and they dont feel anywhere near as fast or nice as my cervelo... i love it! (and never had a test ride before i bought it)
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    Cervelo has a map that displays their franchises. I find the map quite a useful map for other purposes as the NW light shading feature displays the hills quite effectively.

  • Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
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    Royles in Wilmslow for Cervelo and Cycle Surgery on Princess Parkway, Sth Manchester for Wilier...
  • I recommend Bike Shak in Altrincham for Wiliers - excellent shop - really helpful.
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    Maybe there really IS something in this notion that tyre choice and pressures make the biggest difference to comfort, the most "comfortable" tyres I ever put on my Van Nicholas were Schwlabe Stelvios, maybe they have a softer compound and higher TPI than the Panaracer Extreme Duro's I use now, hence their faster wear rate? If so, maybe even the S1 can be made less harsh by simply putting some Panaracer Closers or Vittoria Open Corsas on the rims?

    You have to say that the curved lines of the Wilier are SO attractive, plus I know I can test them and other similiar bikes like the Kuota Kharma........shall add up the cost though, since with the Wilier I could flog my boring old Campag Vento's to get a bit of money back and then have a bit more to spend in the future on improvements/replacements. It's funny how as soon as you think of buying something expensive, the cheap bits on your current bike start to fail as well :evil: