gp4000 or pro race 3

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going to need new tyres soon need some advice.which of these tyres are best.


  • rich164h
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    Not much in it I wouldn't have thought.

    Just buy whatever happens to have the best offer on at the time.
  • hopper1
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    IMHO, Pro Race 3 roll better and, for a slick, are quite sticky in wet.
    GP4000S's would be a better Continental offering, I run these, too, and they're very similar, although some have reported sidewall issues. :wink:

    Prob get a better deal on PR 3's...
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  • weapons
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    I agree with hopper1 - PR3 for a grippier ride, but GP4000 last way longer and are a lot more durable for a race tyre. I reckon I could go through nearly two sets of PR3 for every one set of GP4000 so actual cost per mile may be better on GP4000.
  • nickwill
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    I think the Pro Race 3s roll and feel better, but the CP 4000s tyres last much longerand still roll, grip and very well . My last Pro Race 3s were through to the canvas after 1500 miles.
  • giant_man
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    PR3s .... wonderful tyres, second only to PR2s
  • cougie
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    For my money- I'd go for the GP4000s.

    Not ridden the others - but I seem to have enough grip there and I honestly cant remember the last proper p******* I had on those tyres.
    The last one I had was when my innertube just blew cos of old age. Nothing had got through the tyre for years. Amazing performance.
  • andy_wrx
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    Had too many problems getting Conti tyres (tight) onto Fulcrum rims (tight), so I'd go PR3 myself

    But as you can see, advice is 50:50 so it's down to personal preference and both are excellent.
  • JD_76
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    PR3, been running them all summer and still going strong now, plenty of grip in both the wet and dry.

    Ill jinx myself by saying I have never had a puncture with them. :)
  • Scrumple
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    getting tyres on is a skill - there was a great video posted on here recently.

    since I watched it I have never struggled.... cos it works.

    no idea where it was, though...... worth finding
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    I like the PR3's although I've found that they cut up quite easily, I'm looking for an alternative for the winter.

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  • giant_man
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    Go to Michelin carbon Kyrlions in that case ...... don't roll quite as well as PRs but tougher.
  • I've ridden and raced on both of these and prefer the conti's. The michelins are equally fast, grippy and comfortable, but the tread is so soft it picks up and holds on to lots of small pieces of grit and glass. I was picking stuff out of the tread after every ride. I'm sure if I hadn't done so the result would have been regular punctures. This also led of course to dozens of visible cuts in the tread which doesn't give you a lot of confidence.
  • Bar Shaker
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    I've recently fitted GP4000Ss. Can a tyre get better?

    Great roll, stunning grip and puncture protection. I like them a lot.
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  • hopper1
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    Go to Michelin carbon Kyrlions in that case ...... don't roll quite as well as PRs but tougher.

    +1... I'm running the 25mm on my Winter bike :wink:
    Start with a budget, finish with a mortgage!
  • Bozman
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    Bar Shaker! Yes the 4000s are good but i swapped to vittoria open corsa evo pro and upto now they're better, when my 4000s have had their day on my other bike they will be replaced with the vittoria. i ran 4000 and then 4000s, they are both fine rubber, a hell of alot better than pro 3 but not quite vittoria.