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Am looking at getting a hrm / cadence monitor, budget just over the 100 pound mark brings into line the garmin fr60 plus cadence sensor, the polar cs200 cad, or the cateye v3. Mentally swinging between all three, and having checked a few reviews am none the wiser.
Any real world experience of these would be appreciated, good or bad. try not to list the garmin 500' that doubles the money !


  • Well I've used Polar & Garmin and both are very good. They operate differently though so if you can get a hands on demo with them you should be able to see which you like using.
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    I have the Polar 200cad. Generally pretty good though I have had to replace both the cadence magnet on the crank and the cadence sensor on the frame after they fell off. Pay attention to the installation, make sure everything is really tight and you should be OK. I like the fact that you can have 2 bike setups in there - so you can have a set of sensors on each bike and just one head unit.
  • Cateye V3 owner here, found it very easy to set up and use. Gives me all the info I need and more, the battery life seems good as I have not had to change it yet and it was purchased in the summer of 2009. (you watch the battery die now I've said that!) :roll:
  • Thanks for the advice, currently trawling the manual for the polar cs200cad, got a great price at the LBS that was matched the Internet, so that made my mind up, guess they get a good deal from polar in there
  • I've been using my Sigma Sport 2209MHR for a few months now and its a great piece of kit. Whilst it does not provide heart rate zones(which I know anyway) and data storage for more than one ride it certainly does the job of getting the most bang for your buck at £80 from bike24. Ontop of that it also records altitude.

    Since you seem to have a larger budget I suggest taking a look at the ROX series, bike24 sells them just over the £100 price range and they cram in a hell of a lot of features.