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which mudguards for my old mtb?

tozi1tozi1 Posts: 119
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I'm a bit unsure which mudguards to get for my elderly saracen enzyme-it has front suspension but hard tail rear.There is a hole though the fork crown.I really want full mudguards if possible,-I'm running it on 1 1/4 sllcks.Any help appreciated.


  • crudcatcher mud guards and mucky nutz fender i reckon
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
    Sounds like awful advice to me :lol: For the rear, if you've got mounts for it an SKS Cromoplastics one. Your suspension forks probably don't have mudguard mounts so next best thing is a crown-mount like an SKS shockboard or similiar. There's a Topeak touring set that'd be almost as good on the rear, and might work on the front.
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  • tozi1tozi1 Posts: 119
    Thanks. As you say,there are no mounts on the front forks-I'll check out those recommendations.
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,588
    Don't forget - rear mudguards are only permitted during solo night rides :)
  • d3mattd3matt Posts: 510
    I recently got a Cycraguard twin pack for only £14.95 off eBay. These are excellent guards. Also in metallic grey to match the bike! The fixing bracket on the rear guard works well. The reviews tended to favour this over the Crud guard.

    I've also got a Mucky Nutz censored Fender 2.0 which is a fantastic little product, which really works well.

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  • tozi1tozi1 Posts: 119
    Thanks matt-cycraguard looks quick and easy-need to check if it obscures the rear light though,as that is also seatpost mounted.
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