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coming soon 2 years in the making...

downhill duechbagdownhill duechbag Posts: 14
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ive felt like throwing the towel in a number of times but im finally getting close to seing my 2 year dream realised!! ive had to gather components piece by piece as and when i could afford them and now just have the saddle, grips and tyres left to purchase then it will be all systems go!!. certainly not the most expensive and nicest build you will ever see but it will be all mine to enjoy none the less. cant wait to see my little baby built up!!
click on the link below and look forward to your thoughts... ... directlink


  • Good work. I considered an almost identical xc build myself earlier in the year using mainly Exotic stuff. It's such great value and very good quality by all accounts too.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished item with full specs.

    Oh, and are they exotic hubs?
  • not as much as im looking forward to seing it built!!! lol
    no they are not exotic hubs m8, its a halo spin doctor on the front and one of the new halo super drives on the rear, which im hoping will make me go faster as as soon as i stop peddling it sounds like im being chased by an angry pack of wasps!!! they are insanley loud!!!
    your right tho all the exotic stuff is awsome value. :wink:
    im about 1 month away yeeeeeeeeesssss!!!!!!
  • ilovedirtilovedirt Posts: 5,798
    Very nice, i'm surprised you don't want suspension on that though?

    And 2 years?! Blimey, DMC only took a year to build his! :lol:
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  • i originally thought about suspension but i want to keep the bike as light as possible. also a decent set of suspension forks will be another £400+ which will take me another 2 years!! lol.
    plus i"ll mainly be riding on the roads and all the trails round my area are as flat as a pair of gymnasts t$ts lol
    i know 2 years seems like a long time and it most certainly is but as i say with bills and everyday living costs i just had to get little bits now and again when i could afford them.
    hopefully it will all be worth it...
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