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Eggbeater vs Candy

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hi! i do not understand this, maybe you can help me.
-when should i choose Eggbeater? and when Candy?
-for puting the force in the pedal, better pedaling, better contact, which one is better?
-why 2 different products?
hope you can help me! thanks,


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,904
    Simple. Go for flats.
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  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,899
    Basically the same.
    They clip in and out exactly the same.The egg-beaters are a bit lighter and the Candys have a small platform that helps if you need to set off and then clip in when started.You could also get away with riding Candys in flats for a trip to the shop/pub etc.
  • BOYDIEBOYDIE Posts: 528
    IMHO I would stay away from both,because of the style of the egg beaters they dig into your shoes, I have had a pair of specialized mtb sports ruined in 1 season,and trust me if you like tinkering,you will be thrilled by the bearing maintenance.
    I have tried many styles of spd over the years and keep coming back to shimano,get your self a set of m520,or m540's.I have a set on my SS commuter and they have done 5 years on the same bearings,and I am just now getting to the point of them needing an overhaul.This time will decrease when used off-road,but my 520's are 3 years old and still going strong.
    Do a google search for egg beater bearings.
  • so, that platform on Candy just helps to clip in when start riding, but nothing different about pedaling, about puting the force into the pedal, right?

    thanks 'BOYDIE' for your detailed post! i'll take care.
    thanks for every answer!
  • I had candys (i think).

    Had a better feel than shimano pedals, but the candys lasted 2 rides before the seals had gone.
  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,899
    so, that platform on Candy just helps to clip in when start riding, but nothing different about pedaling, about puting the force into the pedal, right?

    thanks 'BOYDIE' for your detailed post! i'll take care.
    thanks for every answer!
    It only offers slightly more contact with the sole than egg-beaters.
    My CB Mallets bearings have just gone after relaceing them 6 months ago so I'm going to give Time a go as I can't get on with Shimano SPDs.
  • BOYDIEBOYDIE Posts: 528
    Had a set of time attacks back in the day,they had more float than shimano,so better for the knees,but more of a hit on the wallet.
  • A bit like asking who's the prettiest, Anne Widdecombe or Susan Boyle !

    I've had a set of candys and although I liked the action, The sealing on the bearings is censored and they disentigrated in 6 months.

    If you've got dodgy knees then buy Time pedals, if they are fine, buy Shimano.

    I've got Time ATAC ROC S on one bike and ATAC aliums on the other and would happily reccomend both. The ROC S are 2 years old now and still as smooth as the day I bought them.
  • AtzAtz Posts: 1,383
    Just to add some perspective. The crank bros smarty pedals (the cheaper one than candy) I bought in 2008 have never been stripped down and have never caused me any problems. They've also not destroyed my shoes and not caused the earth to explode :)
  • BOYDIEBOYDIE Posts: 528
    You lie like a flat fish................the earth did explode, this is purgatory.Damn you for using those pedals :lol:

    It is usually the eggbeaters themselves that cause the wearing away of soles,candy pedals give you more support with the platform.
  • surreyxcsurreyxc Posts: 293
    I have owned both candy and eggbeaters. The extra platform for me did not seem to make any difference in support or engagement. Both are very good pedals, like all components they are a compromise, they do lack a really tight positive engagement but they are very light, kind on the knee, and never clog. Regards the bearings, that may have been an issue for some, never for me, but the whole range has been updated, and I believe they now offer a 5yr warranty on eggbeaters. Personally I like eggbeaters, if am doing XC then I am locked in and not continually stepping in and out, for anything else I switch to flats. They can cut into the shoe sole, but Crank Brothers sell protection plates which solve that problem. You should be able to pick up a set of SL near new on Ebay for £40>£25. I think there are other pedals with a more positive feel, but you have to pay big bucks if you want them as light as these.
  • MonkeypumpMonkeypump Posts: 1,528
    I've got eggbeaters on my road bike and candys on the mountain bike - both have been absolutely fine.

    Minor issues:

    1. I managed to snap a spring in the first set of eggbeaters, but I suspect this was me being heavy handed when learning to use them (first switch to clipless). Replacement set have been perfecto.

    2. The bearings will need maintenance. However, it's one of the easiest jobs you'll ever do on a bike, so not a problem in the big scheme of things.

    3. The brass cleats are very exposed and wear eventually.

    I've had minor wear on my shoes, but have fitted the guard plates to stop that. However, for ease of clipping in, light weight, easy maintenance, relatively cheap cost and the ability to use one pair of shoes for both bikes I would definitely recommend both pedals.
  • AtzAtz Posts: 1,383
    I've got the same setup. Candy or smarty on the MTB, eggbeaters on the road commuter.

    Got to agree that once you understand the pedals, the cage makes no difference and I've used the eggbeaters in the snow.
  • gs3gs3 Posts: 249

    If you have definitely decided on Crank Bros pedals then the first thing you need to do is make sure that your shoes have a resonably stiff sole as the bars on the pedals can sometimes be 'felt' through softer soles. However, as it is the shoe which provides the pedalling platform for the pedals, it is simply personal preference whether you go for Eggbeaters or Candys as all the force simply goes through the sole of the shoe to the cleat, straight to the pedal resulting in forward motion

    I have Eggbeaters (Tricross and SS), Candys (Hardtail and Full-suss mtbs) and Smartys (hack bike) ranging from 2-4 years old. I run the Candys on the mtb's just to give me something slightly bigger to aim at in those rare panic moments when you have to find the pedal quickly but not always accurately if you know what I mean?

    Never had any problem with bearings. The Candys come with a 'grease plug' which you screw into one end of the pedal and just fire in the new grease until the old stuff is purged then replace blanking screw - simples.

    Used the same 'grease plug' on the Eggbeaters with the same effect and have only once (in 3 years) had to replace bearings and seals.

    I agree with Monkeypump in that the brass cleats can wear out but that is a design feature (the cleats wears away rather than the bars on the pedal)

    I also highly recommend that if you do decide on Crank Bros pedals that you fit the Crank Bros SHOE SHIELDS (just under £8 from Wiggle at the moment) to protect the sole of your shoe from excess wear (especially carbon soles).

  • The Northern Monkey, ibbo68, BOYDIE, davewalsh, Atz, surreyxc, Monkeypump, gs3, thank you!!!
    now i have a better view of these pedals. ;)
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