Increased bike budget - Which one ?

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I have decided to spend a little bit more on a road bike. My initial budget was £450'ish but having done some research and spoke to a few lbs I want to get shimano tiagra as minimum as I do not want the limit of the thumb shifters only available on the hoods like at the sora/2300 level.
So went to another lbs in town near work today and they stock Trek, Giant and Specialized.
Tried the spesh allez elite £799 and the spesh secteur elite £799 . Without actually riding them the secteur felt more comfortable and would be more inclined to buy (know that the secteur is aimed at more relaxed riding position which suits me as bike is for pleasure rides and not racing). BUT then I also tried a Trek Pilot 2.0 £750 which i believe is Trek's version of the spesh secteur. I understand that Trek have now discontinued the Pilot 2.0 but there are a few old 2010's in stock still.
Got back to work and did some more research hoping to read some reviews on the secteur elite and Pilot 2.0 but very few exist for the Pilot (maybe for good reason !!).
Anyway had sort of decided that the Secteur was better equiped with 105 against tiagra.
Full comparision ... =ec019549|
But the issue has now been further clouded by the fact that I can find the Trek Pilot 2.0 in stock for a price of £540 which is a huge saving over the spesh price.
So for the price is the Trek Pilot too good to turn down and save the extra £260 it would cost to get the spesh or are the differences in equipment so much better on the spesh ?