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I'm cycling end2end next year and am thinking about getting a handlebar bag with a map case on top.

My question is whether anyone knows how these fit on road bars as I have Tiagra brake/gear levers meaning only half the cables are routed under the wraps.

If anyone has any experience with how bags will fit on road bars I'd appreciate any info, or any other ideas on how to fix a map in a viewable place.

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  • Shimano's washing line approach to cable routing is often a problem with bar bags. Klickfix do a rotating mini map holder that will clamp to your stem or bars giving you about the same visual area as a bar bag without getting tangled in your cables.
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  • I have just fitted a Carradice Super C bar bag to my Shimano equiped audax bike. The bag fitted between the cables no problem. However, as advised all over the place, I fitted 90 degree V-brake noodles at the lever. This directs the cable south thus giving the bag plenty of room. I have not noticed any deterioration in shifting at all.
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  • MichaelW
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    I fitted my Carradice bar bag with uncut Shimano cables. They can route around the bag OK.
    With narrower bars you may find your hand-space restricted and you will find the positioning of the levers restricted to straight ahead. I find that a little inboard cant on the lever is more comfortable.