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Feedback for Mods/Owners

skulptureskulpture Posts: 86
This is ridiculous, this forum and in particular the 'sales of thread...' is becoming clogged up with titles POST REMOVED - PLEASE READ THE RULES.

Now don't get me wrong... its great that this site has people looking after it and the site as a whole is brilliant. BUT - rather than deleting a whole posts in the sales section, can a PM not be sent saying the topic has to be edited for reasons A/B/C or within 12/24/48 hours or else it will THEN be deleted....

All people are doing (such as myself) is creating a new post, spending another 10-15 minuets re-typing a post and re-linking images, urls, emails, etc. When in hindsight a 45-60 second adjustment could have been made in the original?

We all make mistakes, even the Mods :wink: I a Mod myself on another site (non bike related) so I know how it works; but this seems crazy to me.

It makes the site look messy, its confusing, its off putting to potential buyer of your goods as it makes you look inadequate and a very long winded method of forum moderation.

Anyway, great site, sorry for the rant I am not a grumpy know it ll idiot, but I have kept it constructive 8)
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