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Feedback for Mods/Owners

skulptureskulpture Posts: 86
This is ridiculous, this forum and in particular the 'sales of thread...' is becoming clogged up with titles POST REMOVED - PLEASE READ THE RULES.

Now don't get me wrong... its great that this site has people looking after it and the site as a whole is brilliant. BUT - rather than deleting a whole posts in the sales section, can a PM not be sent saying the topic has to be edited for reasons A/B/C or within 12/24/48 hours or else it will THEN be deleted....

All people are doing (such as myself) is creating a new post, spending another 10-15 minuets re-typing a post and re-linking images, urls, emails, etc. When in hindsight a 45-60 second adjustment could have been made in the original?

We all make mistakes, even the Mods :wink: I a Mod myself on another site (non bike related) so I know how it works; but this seems crazy to me.

It makes the site look messy, its confusing, its off putting to potential buyer of your goods as it makes you look inadequate and a very long winded method of forum moderation.

Anyway, great site, sorry for the rant I am not a grumpy know it ll idiot, but I have kept it constructive 8)


  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,207
    Hi I'm glad you like the site.

    The rules the classifieds are moderated by are contained in the rule thread at the top of both for sale forums ... t=12689892
  • Hi,

    Yup love the site. Its a great place.

    I appreciate the help and yes I have looked over the rules a couple of times, I knew I had to include the price and I 95% believe it was on there...

    All I was pointing out was that it would have taken me 30 seconds to edit my post rather than for a Mod to delete it and for me to do another one...

    I was offering a suggestion to improve efficiency for me and you (and other Mods) as well as improving the general 'look' of the forum... on the forum I moderate I PM the users and give them an option to edit it themselves or I then take action. Perhaps this could be the same on BikeRader?

    I have no idea why my pricing for the item was not there as I copied it from another post of mine from off pinkbike.

    Ah well cyber space is a weird place. :lol:
  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,207
    Well the reason the post came to our attention was that another user reported it as having no price. I checked and found this to be the case.

    Your post was posted yesterday at between 8-9pm. 24hrs in my opinion is adequate time for you to have checked your post and corrected any errors.

    As for your suggestion, we do look to resolve the issue with the seller if at all possible but in the event of no reply, it is fairer on other sellers and buyers to remove the advert entirely.
  • Fair comments, unfortunately I only got the email notification literally 20 minutes ago from the person interested in my item so it was not brought to my attention.
  • Same here
    I edited a title, saw it did not go the current posts so replied explaining why I was replying.
    Had multiple PM exchanges with 'Andy' trying to explain it was not a bump and he choose to remove completley
    pretty petty really
  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,207
    Not strictly true. I Pm'd you to explain why your post had been removed, you continued to keep re-posting the same thing. At this point I explained if you continued to ignore the rules, your whole thread rather than the single post would be deleted.

    When you reposted after that, I deleted your post.
  • AidanRAidanR Posts: 1,142
    Well I had an entire topic removed yesterday without warning - no PM, nothing. And I was accused of not reading the classified rules. That was not even true - I had made two topics containing many different items: 1 with seatposts and saddles in, and another with hubs in. Th rules state you shouldn't make a separate topic for each item, not that you can't make more than one topic.

    To be honest I was pretty annoyed as it had taken me some time to type it all out. It's a wonderful facility and it's great that you allow us to sell things for free on the forum, but the way it's being run is angering a lot of people. It comes across as aloof, draconian and arrogant, and I for one feel it needs to change. I know it's a lot of work actively policing a forum like that, but if you're going to do it that enthusiastically I feel you should take the time to do it courteously as well.
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  • well said
  • well said
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    AidanR - what you describe is a blatant flout of the rules, and i suspect you know this.

    There may be some over-zealous modding at times but if BikeRadar molly-coddled every forum member, guiding them through the process it would never end.

    It's odd that the majority of users adhere to the (straightforward) rules and others can't quite grasp them.
  • AidanRAidanR Posts: 1,142
    How is it a "blatant flout of the rules"?

    The rules state "If you have lots of items for sale do NOT make one post for each item." I clearly did not do this - I made two topics, each containing many different items. I did this so as not to create an enormous, unwieldy list and to keep similar items together.
    Bike lover and part-time cyclist.
  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,207
    Thanks for bringing this to attention. The rules thread has now been edited to make the situation clearer.
  • AidanRAidanR Posts: 1,142
    Um, no problem.
    Bike lover and part-time cyclist.
  • Increasingly many forums are removing posts where the seller requests payment by "pay pal gift" this avoids the seller incurring charges but also means the buyer loses all the built in protection associated with pay pal.

    Perhaps its time to do the same on here.

    Here is a rule from another unassociated forum:

    "Paypal as a 'gift'. A number of members who have sent funds via Paypal as a 'gift' have found that if the goods are not as described, faulty, damaged in transit, or do not arrive, Paypal will not refund their money if the 'seller' refuses to make good. Because of this, the mods have taken the decision to prohibit sellers asking in their advertisements for payment via Paypal as a gift."
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
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  • stu8975stu8975 Posts: 1,334
    I'm with the mods on this, to be fair, when you enter the classified section of the forum, the rules are the 2nd topic listed with 'Announcement' written in bold letters, about 1inch below the 'New Topic' button which you have to press to make an advert, so anyone who posts in that section should have no excuse for not knowing them.
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