RS10 rim wear indicators help

Dr M
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Just noticed the rim wear dimples on my RS10's are nearly completely gone.

Thing is i've probably only done about 1500 miles on them. Ok its hilly wear i am (lakes) and i do ride over the big passes quite a lot, but its nearly always in dry wearther. I havent even gone through a set of brake pads with them yet (using standard ultegra pads that came with the calipers).

Are the rim wear indicators excessively cautious, or should i heed shimano's advice and start looking for some new wheels / rims?

Should i change to some softer pads for future use...and if so any recommendations?



  • tx14
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    the rim wear sticker is half gone on mine. the drilled dimples are loooooong gone.
    they are still running fine but i am just about to change to a pair of r500.
    i think it's best to get new wheels, the only thing that's gonna hurt is your wallet. keep the old ones as a backup.
  • DaSy
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    I'd carry on with the rims for a fair while if it were me, just keep an eye on them.

    Definitely swap out your pads though, my Dura Ace wheels even say in the blurb that comes with them not to use Shimano pads as they are too aggressive.

    I use Swissstop Flash green pads, which are really gentle on the rims, whilst seeming to be better performing and last pretty well.
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  • Dr M
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    cheers, ordered some koolstop salmon pads which hopefully will be a bit softer, and i'll keep an eye on the rims.

    Not the end of the world i guess as can usually pick up a pair of rs-10's for about £100 os so online... or it gives me an excuse to upgrade in a few months... Now what wheels should i get lol