Bike Box For Travel To New Zealand

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Moving to New Zealand and need to take my bike with me.

Have a Scott CR1 and am looking for a sturdy bike box to transport in when shipped over by sea.

So far i've seen these

Any advice or prior experience?

Not wanting to blow £500 on a box as it'll only be single use.




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    The DHB certainly fulfils the criteria for a "one use" item IME - they've been sold under a few brands for a few years and mine lasted one journey before it was trashed! The alloy frame and hinges are too soft and distort, the locks jam/break and the plastic material is quite soft so the wheels get ripped-off. Make sure you put a big strap around it to hold the contents in!
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  • Could also try Ebay for something like this ... 964wt_1141
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  • thanks, don't suppose you know where i can pick up a suitable strap do you?
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    if it's by sea is size an issue?

    if not then i'd look out for a big cardboard box, maybe even two spliced together (try a store selling widescreen tvs or bike shops) and pack the bike with a *lot* of padding around it, scrunched up newspapers, old carpet, lumps of plastic foam, or the expanding liquid stuff if you can get hold of it

    you could put hardboard along the sides for a bit of cheap armour

    most boxes seem to be made with car or air travel in mind, so padding and buffer space is limited, especially if the bike frame is a larger size
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    s_walker9 wrote:
    thanks, don't suppose you know where i can pick up a suitable strap do you?

    get a reel of reinforced tape, use liberally! ... orced+Tape
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  • Have used DHB Elsted bag for 4 Atlantic trips now and 8 internal US flights. I lined with cardboard, pipe lagged the bike and wrapped everything up. Used 2 ratchet straps round the bag and it's so good the check in people don't even realise it's a bike and I have yet to be charged! My bike survived unscathed and the bag is still going strong and very durable. Once a box gets ruined, it's over but you can mend a bag. Value for money = ££££ with this bag. Throughly recommend it. I also considered a box but went with the bad on the basis that it was cheaper.
  • magic thanks everybody for your help!

    i think im gonna purchase one of the DHB boxes and wrap it as suggested in glass fibre tape.

    much appreciated!