rear axle width adjustment

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i bought some fulcrum 5's. they had fit fine. switched to campy spline and Chorus 11sp cassette. asked LBS to fix it as i'd had the spacers all over and couldn't put them in.

now, without ever then having the remove the rear wheel (where i would have noticed if they'd splayed the rear to accomodate a 135mm axle, i got a new frame to replace the synapse i had, and the wheel won't fit in. It's 5mm too wide. How can that be? they should have been the same. the shop must have spalyed the carbon rear (surely not) to get the 11speed properly aligned. that would be daft, wouldn't it.

Anyway, what do i do, anyone, maybe just order some spacers and drop each side by 2.5mm?

advice welcome
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    Well sounds like they have got the spacing wrong.

    the OLD should be 130mm

    Road rear hubs are now 130mm and MTB are 135mm
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    Measure the internal width of the drop-outs of the new frame - it should be 130mm. I can't see how your wheels have increased to 135mm either by changing the freehub - obviously something's no quite right, but not sure if its the wheel or the frame
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