mega avalanche

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Any body done it that can offer some advice?
Me and a close buddy are planning on going . ive checked the website and registration goes live on jan 2011. any on locations to stay and where to fly in to? im taking chambery or geneva then drive? does anybody have any details of place they have stayed and could recommend.
cheers all


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    check out and they post on here, do a search for similar threads and you'll find them :D
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    Is the mega too gnarly to do on a hardtail?
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    Depends how good you are I guess! It has been done.


    Never ridden it, don't much intend to but I'm told by folks who have that it's not a massively difficult course- easier than most UK DH tracks, but it's the length and the race pace and trying to keep focused that kills you and the bike and that's where a bouncer will come into its own. I like the idea but it doesn't sound like a good plan for a first timer to me.
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  • People do the Mega on a hardtail, as Northwind says - it has been done. You see people on all kinds of bikes.

    It's kind of impossible to say how hard it is, it is tough in places, and there are sections that are more technical/difficult than you see on most UK DH tracks. However, you'll also see plenty of people walking round them. There's also the fact that a DH bike isn't the best bike to do it on, hence making the steep sections more challenging! You'll also be pretty knackered mentally and physically as you get lower down - it's not like doing a few minutes on a UK DH race. But then that's all part of the fun of the event!

    Have a look at some photos and videos to get a better idea. You can also go out, ride the course to see what you think of it then make a decision. We had a couple of people last year that decided not to do the race itself, but still enjoyed the week of riding. Amd others that did the race, but took their time, got out of the way of faster people, rode as best they could and just saw finishing it as an achievement.
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    To be honest I was just thinking of going out, having some fun & skip the actual race. I know someone who did it on a DH bike and said he will take an AM bike next time because the DH bike was too heavy and too extreme.