Garmin Edge 800

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Anyone else taken delivery of the Garmin 800?

The bottom of the unit has the rubber seals to protect the usb ports but you need to press it really firmly a couple of times for it to secure in place.

Spoke with their technical dept. and he said "I do agree that is take 2 or 3 attempts to secure it" and said that this need to be in place to protect the unit from water etc.. but didnt mention any other help or advice. I am a bit worried about using this in the winter now :roll: :roll:

Has anyone else had the same issue that has been running a 705 or alike?



  • Wouldn't you only really be using usb to charge and download tracks, though?

    I mean, its not like you'll be out in the wilds needing to open the ports?

    What I'm saying is: is it really an issue? And you've said that you've noticed it- as you're now aware of it, you aren't likely to leave them ajar, are you?

    Or am i missing your point entirely?
  • SDK2007
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    It's the same on the Edge 500 and i've been through some very wet MTB rides with no problems.
  • saprkzz
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    yes cycle, the rubber seal wont push into the port, so keep popping back out leaving a gap, you have to push it 2 or 3 times hard to keep it in place.

    SDK, thanks, a little reassurance, i am taking it out tonight and it raining, so fingers crossed :)