Clothing Sizes

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So I am planning on doing a triathlon (eventually), but i just signed up to do a duathlon. I have bib shorts, but i already know they are gonna be extremely uncomfortable or the run... so i am looking at shorts....

only issue is I am a funny size - the bib works great because it negates the tiny waist by being held up by my shoulders.

at the moment I have a 30/32" waist, 27" thighs and I dont even wanna guess what it is round the hips.... I am going to be training hard again, so my waist will drop back to its 28" size, legs will stay about the same, the rear will be about 36", I tried shorts before and found they either fit the leg or bum, but never the waist...

I am leaning to tri-shorts but i am guessing i will have exactly the same problem again... although i am looking to try some on first - is there anywhere that actually stocks them in london?
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