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I can't decide which cleats to use on my road bike,at the moment they have cheapo plastiyuk pedals on them.
I'm looking at Shimano M520's but they are designated as MTB pedals,does this matter?Why are they so different?Thanks.... :D


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    M520s are fine but don't forget you must have SPD compatible shoes which probably means MTB ones. Get the best, stiffest soled shoes you can afford. The M520 pedals are quite cheap but work just as well as dearer ones. You can upgrade later if you want but better to spend the money on the shoes.
  • I actually prefer using SPD and M520 pedals for my road bikes. I'll only use road pedals for long distance sportives or training.

    I think a lot of touring bike riders tend to use SPD as they can also walk in them. Most road pedal cleats are almost impossible to walk more then a few paces.
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    I'm still on SPDs, and will happily do 70+ miles in them. I've just got a pair of these:
    Shimanos seem to have good stiff soles, so I haven't had any problems with 'hot spots' from extended rides. And it's nice to be able to walk like a normal human being when getting off the bike.
  • @ last something I needed to hear...something I've done right... :oops:
    I have Shimano shoes and spd's on my MTB,I just needed to know if there was avalid reason for not using them on the road...thanks very much... :D
  • Technically no reason why you cant use them on the road.
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    I swear by my time atacs for my winter bikes. As the others say - get some nice stiff shoes anyway, and as I have mtb type shoes - I can walk easily off the bike to grab a cake or two at the cafe. I save my road shoes/pedals for the racing bike - when I do more focussed training and less cafe stops.