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searching Workshop articles?

ceequeceeque Posts: 52
I have often enjoyed reading the workshop articles as they appear on that page but wonder how I may search for specific articles? I have used the search box for articles but all I seem to get is thousands of listings for products .... as an example, if I type in "adjusting shimano front derailleur" I get 10,939 results with no way of filtering thru` them for actual articles/workshops??
Apologies if I am missing something obvious somewhere?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    mmm sorry be having asked the same there only seems to be what i do in the tech and FAQ section.

    Park tools have a good guide.

    if you find something that needs linking please PM me the infos.
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    Parktools :?:SheldonBrown
  • Unfortunately our in-site search isn't very good at finding workshops. However, the link below will allow you to use Google to search within the site. Hope this helps! ... kt0dsjdidq
  • toontratoontra Posts: 1,160
    The site has been slow for me for the past few days, and several times page-loads have timed out. Any ideas?

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