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Favour to ask:

Does anyone own one of these and, if so, is there a significant difference between the Watt bike and a turbo trainer linked to a computer?



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    In what sense?

    Accuracy? And by a turbo linked to a computer - what do you mean by that?

    Obviously a Watt Bike is MASSIVE. Heavy, not exactly portable, etc. Some people say the accuracy isn't that great. And I found it uncomfortable to ride (more like an exercise bike than a real bike).

    Turbo is much better (with a Powertap wheel, etc) as it allows me to ride my own bike and is portable.
  • Although I'm not an authority I have used one once. I wasn't a fan. It felt like a gym bike but then I hadn't my own saddle and cleats attached. it has some nifty features but, you get more bang for your buck with a good turbo/powertap.

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    Get a Velotron.
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  • Dear All,

    Thanks for your comments. The decision is, I'm undecided!
  • For £1850 I would rather buy a power meter and a cheap turbo, as it will allow you to use it when at home and on the road.
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    I've used one a few times - I would liken it to a very good spin bike.

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  • I'm currently using a watt bike once a week and in bad weather conditions thanks to my uni gym having a few.

    With adjustments made etc the bike serves its purpose as a good 1hour workout(personally use it for sustained low cadence sessions and sprints) but I don't think I could take much more than that. The seat just isn't comfortable and there is limited mobility compared to what you have on a regular bike to stretch and fluidly move between positions to target different muscles.

    However even with that said it serves its purpose of providing relatively accurate information and an intense workout for a session that costs me about the same as what I eat on a ride.

    Though since you seem to be looking for a home solution you are much better off investing in a turbo+power tap and enjoying a comfortable experience with accurate stats
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    I tried one over the summer. Biggest benefit is the finer detail of the power profile you get from the big screen so you can work on a really smooth stroke.

    However it does feel like a gym bike even after a bit of tinkering. I'd go for a powermeter and turbotrainer unless money was no object, that way you have power on the road too.

    I'm looking forward to Metrigear and all that data that's supposed to give. Team it with an 800 to give the profile and stick 'em on a regular spin bike and you've got the same setup.

    Could be a long wait though.
  • Dear All,

    Thanks. I already have a computrainer which both my wife and I use. Was trying to determine if getting the watt bike could reduce the space required for both bikes in the same room, the turbo and the pc. Anyway, I think the answer is simply stick with what I have..

    Thanks for the comments.