Giro Saros Helmet - a good helmet?

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Had my eye on one of these and Evans have them for £59! C+ liked them. Any of you guys got one and like them? Don't like them?
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  • cougie
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    Doesnt really matter with helmets. Its passed the safety tests. It may or may not suit your head shape. Try the helmet on in the shop - thats always the best - you really dont want a helmet that isnt comfy.
  • Thks.Trying some this pm. My Spec Chamonix is 4-5 years old and needs replacing.
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  • I've got one, it's pretty comfy and secure.

    I can't say I've ever really noticed is, which is probably a good sign!
  • Sammyw23
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    I tried the Ionos and Atmos but they just looked ridiculous on my head - had almost given up on Giro but tried the Saros as a last resort and it was more comfortable and didn't look as huge on my head.

    I managed to get the 2011 version with the new RocLoc5 for £69.99 - you can get it for that from Fudges ... 3&o=131780

    Hopefully it will fit as well as the 2010 version I tried on in Evans
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