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Would you ride an elelctrically assisted tricycle?

KristoffKristoff Posts: 6
edited November 2010 in Tour & expedition
Hi, I am a student looking into the market demand for an electrically assisted tricycle.

Please answer this short survey, it will be much appreciated!

Many thanks


  • laelae Posts: 555
    Looks like an interesting project. What and where are you studying?

    Question Six might give some potential problems. Whether a trike is a 'delta' (two wheels at the back) or a 'tadpole' (two wheels at the front) has pretty big implications for stability depending on what load you're carrying and what speed you're going at. Most people won't know anything about this, so although the opinion of the end-user is important, I wouldn't want to design something with bad dynamics just because that's what people assume is best. I've got a couple of books on the subject, I'll dig 'em out and give you the titles so you can look them up in the Library. Bicycling Science is one of them.

    Same with question 10, too - I'd look into using drum brakes if you're gonna be designing a cargo/commuter trike. They're completely weather sealed and almost maintenance free.
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