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Hi all.

So I should soon be buying a decent mountain bike if all goes well.

While I'm eager to get out and do some trails I think I'm gonna have to get fitter first.

I'm only 22 and pretty lean but I reckon I'm hopelessly unfit at the moment, I've only been doing a wee bit of walking lately nothing serious and only just gave up smoking 20 a day (Smoking money is going into bike now!!) :D

Hoping to use the bike to commute into uni at first which is about a 4 mile journey so that should get me doing about 8 miles a day.

So any ideas on how I can get fitter and know when I'm up for it? The guys I wanna go riding with are properly fit as far as I know :shock:



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    You don't have to be fit to ride. You can using riding to get fit.

    Where to start.... First thing if you want to get bike fit.. buy a bike!

    In the meantime, start getting fitter. Have no idea what fitness you are (and no will anyone else unless they know you...) so you'll have to work it out for yourself.

    If you find walking fast hard... go for an hour brisk walk everyday. Once that's easy, trying jogging for 10 mins... 30mins... 60 mins... Then try running... 10mins... 30min... 60min...

    If you find the winter a bit cold and you'd think join a gym is a better idea.. do that...

    The most important thing about getting fit is motivation. Motivation generally comes from enjoyment. If you can motivate yourself to train and push yourself when you do, you are onto a winner.

    If you join a gym, just make sure you go regularly. Nothing worse in having gym membership and not using it.

    Hope that helps

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