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Looking for advice on bicycle selection for my daughter

PearsosPearsos Posts: 3
My Daughter is 11 but is riding my wifes 26" wheel 20" road bike. Her 8 yr old sister is riding her 24 " Raleigh Krush so I think Santa is going to be bringing a new nike this year.
Question is what to get, everytime I think I have found the ideal bike I find a review that talks me out of it ! The bike will be mainly general road use but will have the occasional trail or forest ride. I was trying to keep it light as poss so have abandond rear suspension pretty things from Toysrusdue to weight and have begun looking at the Raliegh Spirit 17", Raleigh Explore 17" or Raleigh AT05 - although it does not have to be Raleigh. Any Advice out there that would help me here. To help frame the family situation, I have a Basso Road bike and a Kona Firemountain trail bike. Help Please !!![/b]


  • Neil
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  • bartimaeusbartimaeus Posts: 1,812

    My 10 year old son has a Beinn 26s, and my 8 year old has a Beinn 24. These are excellent bikes, though not cheap at £300. They are very light - the quoted weights are accurate - and the Islabikes sizing chart is spot on. Your daughter may fit a Beinn 26l.

    The Beinn's come with road tyres, but you can swap these for Conti Explorers when you order - which will be fine for forest riding. And as a 26 you could fit anything you like... but the mudguards Islabikes offer are only compatible with the road tyres.

    No suspension... but then suspension on kids bikes is usually heavy and ineffective... unless you spend serious amounts and get air shocks.

    See ... e-09-32872 and ... l-10-35440 for the reviews (there is a What Mountain Bike article on Kids bikes too - if you can find the right back issue).

    See also ... t=12708297 for the Beinn 24 in action... KV is a climb of 150m, with the first 120m in the first 1.4km.
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  • You're right Bartimaeus, they are expensive but you do get what you pay for. My colleague bought one for his son, the second hand price was about £50 less than retail so they hold their value and are snapped up when available.
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  • zebra67zebra67 Posts: 113
    I suggest that some kind of hybrid is what you need.
    Any small adult frame hybrid is within your grasp, unless she is quite small for age.
    My friend's 12yo daughter has the same inside leg measurement as me (I am 5'7" and she is much shorter, but I have short legs and girls age 11+ have very long legs!!).

    I suggest that you go into local bike shops and see what you can get that suits her and in your budget.

    That said don't rule out the Islabike, but open up your options too. If you want another brand suggestion, I think highly of my Marin hybrid (a Muirwoods).
  • zebra67zebra67 Posts: 113
    Actually, come to think of it, a lot of the small frame MTBs might be fine for your needs, just look for small frame size (13" maybe), lightweight (under 12 kg if at all possible), and NO suspension.
  • bartimaeusbartimaeus Posts: 1,812
    If you get an 'adult' bike you should check that the fit is right - e.g. overall reach (top tube), appropriate crank length, and brake lever reach.
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  • i got my daughter a giant mini one with drop bars paid 250 new its light fast and a good climber she loves it got it from je james off the internet it might be worth googling mini velos. i also got my wife who is 5 ft a dahon hammerhead from e bay 20 inch wheels and light fast but very robust
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  • cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
    Another vote for Islabikes. Both my kids have them.
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