garmin navigator maps - UK v Eurpoe

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I am looking at picking up either an edge 705 or 800 soon.

when i do I am not sure whether to get the UK or Europe Maps. Hopefully I'll have a couple of weekends away next year to ride on the continent so having Europe mapping is a bonus for me.

However, does anyone know if the UK + Ireland Navigator maps contains more detail than the UK part of the Europe Maps?

i.e should I buy both or just the Europe maps. Most of my UK riding is on small country lanes so having detail for the UK is important to me.


  • sungod
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    afaik the europe one has the same level of detail as the country navigator ones, the country ones are cheaper, but the europe is much better value if you travel

    you can preview the europe map here... ... 0&k=1&sc=1

    ...detail is quite good

    if you want more detal than the navigator series, the topo series is the one to look at, but these are much more expensive

    there are open source maps available, worth trying before paying for garmin ones
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    sungod - ah, that makes sense. thanks!
  • Dales1
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    I think that the Navigator map will have all the small country lanes that you will need (without going off-road).

    I think you would be very disappointed with the Topo GB. It does have contours, but its off-road coverage of bridle paths and footpaths is very hit-and-miss. An awful lot are omitted, and in exchange, plenty of spurious ones are featured.

  • pshore
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    For road riding I would recommend trying velomap:

    It's uses OpenStreetMap data which is pretty complete on the road bar a few very tiny lanes. (you can add them yourself if you find any)

    Good points is that it does sane routing. It won't route you down any main roads. Bad points are that you lose postcode searching and you do come across the odd bug - eg iit will fail to route you all the way across the country.

    It's definitely worth a try as it costs nothing.

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    the mapping on the 800 is substantially better than on the 705. it just works so much better
  • willbevan
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    the 800 accepts the new discover garmin maps, which are basically ordinace survery maps at 50k.

    Its what the topo maps should have been to be honest!

    If you are primarly looking for off road, I would personally recommend the garmin 800 with those maps.

    The 705 doesn't suport them according to the garmin webstie (someone correct me if im wrong).

    The 800 costs I think £50 more with the discover maps than no maps.
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