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ritchey freehub compatable with shimano?

christkchristk Posts: 122
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A mate of mine has got a Chris boardman pro hardtail, and his freehub seems to have siezed. Halfords have not been very helpful and after 3 weeks no joy. My question is are shimano freehubs compatible, if not where can we get Ritchey spares from?
Or any shared experiences would be welcome.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    edited November 2010
    generally the bodies are maker specific. if not hub specific.

    as boardman are only available fron Halfords they should be the place.

    But as Ritchey are a wider brand than that you could take the wheel to any LBS and see if they can help.
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  • konadawgkonadawg Posts: 447
    If it looks like it's getting long winded replacing the entire hub could be an option, depending on your mate's patience or lack of it.

    A Deore / XT hub may well cost less than a Ritchey freehub body, who knows - will make up for the fact that the wheel will have to be re-laced.
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  • christkchristk Posts: 122
    Problem solved :o After consulting Richley web site, they stated that you had to use a 12mm allen key to unscrew freehub from the non-drive side, after removing the axle. Wrong :oops: Turned out to be 11mm allen key, also worth noting it's a lefthand thread.

    Then took a trip down to our LBS. He took a look at the hub and said that's not a Richley freehub. That's a Formula Freehub, got one on the shelf #23. Job sorted :lol:

    So who knows? But the fact is if anyone else has a problem with their Boardman hardtail freehub this experience may help? :lol:
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