Basso bikes - should i buy??

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  • Tom Butcher
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    Sounds like a very good price - the damage to the chainstay is a worry but you may be able to get a repair/reinforcing job done by a carbon specialist if you are concerned about it snapping.

    Apart from that I haven't ridden one but a few of the Basso team come out on our chaingang and they don't seem to go too badly on them !

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  • gaffy
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    cheers for the opinion bud, does seem a very appealing price given the groupset retails at 1000 and the wheels at 500 - which worries me more as it seems like the fellas trying to get rid and esp as i can't view the bike myself, anyone would agree a significant chain slap gash 2mm deep is a concern.

    anybody else got any opinions....
  • clx1
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    Used bikes are like cars, after a short period of time they lose 50% or more of their value.
    If the groupset and wheels are in very good condition I would go for it and take a chance on the frame.
  • gaffy
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    very true mate - depreciation's a killer. yeah i think that's what i'm doing really - it is a bit of a chance. cheers clx1