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new brake blocks

robmccreedierobmccreedie Posts: 81
edited November 2010 in Workshop
I've got a Trek 1.5 that i've been riding for about 8 months now. The brake blocks are really in need of replacement so just wondering if anyone had any tips on the best performers for winter (at a reasonable price)?

Pretty new to all this brake block stuff as only ridden mtb's in the past.

cheers in advance



  • flasherflasher Posts: 1,734
    Kool stop, salmons.
  • dmch2dmch2 Posts: 731
    Swissstop green!

    (i think both are very good, certainly miles better than the standard things my 1.5 came with)
    2010 Trek 1.5 Road - swissstop green, conti GP4000S
    2004 Marin Muirwoods Hybrid
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