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ztr yellow tape install

bobpzerobobpzero Posts: 1,431
edited November 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
whats the real english equivalent to i think he said green scotchbrite and the automotive brake clean. it was to take a bit of the anodising off the inside of the rim and then to clean off grease i think before applying the yellow tape.


  • Isopropyl alcohol and those green scouring pad thingy, like you get on a sponge.
  • 3m scotchbrite from a car paint shop and brake cleaner from halfords, job done.
  • bobpzerobobpzero Posts: 1,431
    sweet, thanks
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    3M scotchbrite can be bought for a fair bit from car shops, or you can buy 3 from Tesco for a pound- same product sold for different markets. With the ones for car use you get different grades etc so that's useful if you're painting but for bike use you'd generally want the mid-grade anyway which is the same as the green ones in tesco.
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