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Bought a Mistral towards the end of the season and it came with a VNT saddle as standard (looks like a fizik). I am thinking of getting a Brooks saddle for it what with christmas coming up and all that. Things is will a Brooks saddle make the bike look old fashioned? Also will there be a noticable weight difference between the two saddles? I am looking at the Team Pro as this seems more suited to a road bike. Any suggestions regarding the other Brooks saddles in the range?


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    Don't worry about what the saddle looks like, you'll not see it!
    Saddles are so personal... as long as it's comfortable, nothing else matters...
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    Hi solboy, Ithink you will find the Van Nicholas saddle is made by Velo, it has ti rails and is leather clad.
    I have two of these on different bikes and love them, I know you are looking for info on Brooks but just to give some on the VNT,
    if you were thinking of selling the saddle for the right price I may buy it, personally I would keep it though,
    Cheers, Alan

    ps I bet the Mistral is a great ride, I ride an Airborne Lancer.
  • Got to say I'm jealous-I want to buy a titanium bike just so I can put a Brooks saddle on it! Can't think of anything better looking than a brown brooks saddle on brushed titanium frame.

    As you say it's Christmas coming up-might have to lay some foundations with the wife and clear some room out in the shed!
  • to put the bike in-not the wife!!!!
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    Hey kentrider,
    my titanium has it's own bedroom [especially in winter].
    I've got three sheds and a garage no dog but I often find myself in the doghouse!!
    Cheers, Alan
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    Yes it will probably be heavier but worth it :D
    I have a Euros and i think the Brooks would look right with the slightly retro looking thinner tubing.
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  • solboy wrote:
    ........Will a Brooks saddle make the bike look old fashionen'''''''''''?

    If you want to see what one looks like the Yukon Fixed on their site shows the bike built with a Brooks saddle, I also had my Yukon initially set up with a Brooks Team Pro