Claud Butler Professional road bike (1996?)

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Just spotted this in a shop 2nd hand at 250pounds.
Claud Butler Professional, I guessed at 1996 road bike

Reynolds 853 frame
mix of Shimano 105 + Shimano RX100 in reasonable condition.
Mavic CP10 wheels in reasonable condition
Zoom Stage stem
You can tell its used but not bent.

Its a bit ugly + decals are poor - look more like stickers.

What was Claud Butlers pedigree at this time?
Do you think 250 is about right/too much?


  • ascurrell
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    Personally I would have thought that was a bit pricey, not really a cult bike from that period although the 853 frame was a decent spec for them.
    Difficult to tell not seeing condition though.
    Just found this recently sold on ebay, I know it's not the same but may be of some use to guage values.
    Cheers, Alan ... 3a5fbb2c7e
  • Monty Dog
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    Claud Butler have been a low-end brand for a number of years - mainly selling BSOs via catalogues at 25p/week. 105 and Reynolds 853 is reasonable kit - but the price is a bit high - it would probably be worth more without the stickers!
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..