Tacx Fortius VR or Elite Axiom

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Winter's here and I want a turbo that makes riding a bit more interesting that my current one. Yes, I know that I should just grind the hours out, but I did that last year and this year I'm not going to!

I have a suitable PC and screen setup, but can't really decide whether to go Tacx or Fortius...

Any advice?

Thanks, FJ


  • 1_reaper
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    I'd say Tacx as know of several people that have them and rate them. Saving for one at the Mo
  • neeb
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    I've been using a tacx fortius for three winters now and it's been great. There are a few things you need to learn to get the most out of it in terms of setting it up and repeatability for training purposes, but the RLVs combined with the motor brake make all of the difference for motivational purposes. I ride up Alpe d'Huez and Mt. Ventoux on mine and I know the effort is approximately comparable to the real thing (so much so that I do the Ventoux RLV very rarely, it really takes its toll...). For me that allows me to push myself in a way I just couldn't if I was just sitting on a normal trainer.

    Don't know much about the Elite.