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I have a Cube GTC Pro 2010 fitted with Fulcrum 7 wheels weight 1950g .
I'm going to be using this bike though the winter and want to treat myself to some new wheels for the summer budget £600
I ride Sportives and club rides along country lanes also would like to do some riding in Italy ,serious climbing.

My question to the forum is:

Do I go Carbon . will they be strong enough .eg. Planet X?
Alloy . eg. Fulcrum 1, will they be light enough to notice (500g Lighter than 7's ).

Any advice thankfully received.


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    My bike came with Racing 7's still keep them and use them for winter - but have racing 1's - what a difference! especially for climbing - an they are likely to be lower profile so I would use them rather than carbons for sportives - the carbon may be a hard ride
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    Hello and welcome to the forum :)
    I'm no great expert on wheels but unless your current wheels are sooo heavy or you intend racing, your money could be better spent.
    A bit of difference could be felt in just getting really good quality tyres on instead.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Wheels are a good upgrade as is tyres as well so budget for both, don't spend all your money on the wheels and stick cheap tyres on them.

    For your needs I would avoid carbon, it only makes sense for racing as the best ones are tubular tyres only which aren't best suited to general use.
    Fulcrums get good reviews from others on here and if you like them get them. Shimano Dura Ace are also great wheels and several in my club use them to good effect, rock solid as well.
    Also consider the handbuilt route as well, you'd be suprised how light, strong and just as blingy a good wheel builder can make them for you. Harry Rowland and Derek at Wheelsmith are often recommended names.
  • Thanks for advise so far.
    Looks like Fulcrum1's are the way to go, but.
    Will be contacting Wheelsmith before any disission is made
    Tyres bike came with Schwalbe Utlremo R1 's so no issues about weight there 180g each
    I have changed to Bontrager Race light triple protection for the winter after going through four R1's in less than a month ! and I mean trashed , sidewall rips 15mm across , lots of flint around here.