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hI, I expect this subject has been raised many a time but can anyone recommend a good set of rollers?, due to the wife recently giving birth and with the clocks going back and dark nights setting in, getting some trg time is few and far between except maybe a few hours at the weekend!! I am looking for a roller that will offer some cardio workouts aswell improve technique, I have read reviews saying rollers for improved technique and trainers for cardio but can a roller provide both? I would much rather prefer a roller rather than just clamped into a trainer as i would fall asleep in 10 mins! Looked at cycleops alu roller and elite v- arion but dont know if these are any good and if they would provide a good enough resistance to get a good cardio workout?
Help would be appreciated, thanks.


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    I am looking for a roller that will offer some cardio workouts aswell improve technique, .

    Don't expect much from trainers, and expect even less from rollers.
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    Hi, I would recommend the Tacx antares rollers.You can get a good workout using gears alone but if you need it you can get rollers with resistance.Personally I found these to be enough on there own, and with the rollers being connical, you needn't worry too much about keeping on! Make sure you've got a good fan!
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    Kreitler if you want the best
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    Thanks for your replies, after trawling through heaps of pros and cons of rollers and humming and haying over a trainer i decideded on a set of rollers. I was a bit sceptical about rollers because i wanted some resistance and some good aerobic workouts, in the end I bought a set of Kreitler 2.25 rollers and thought if the resistance etc is poor then kreitler do attachments you can buy to up the resistance but and all I can say is , why did i wait so long in buying a set of these bad boys :D My first real attempt was this morning after setting it up in the doorway, after being a bit worried that after shelling out I wouldnt be able to ride them but after 30 mins i seemed to pick it up. Done a 10 miler and i was breathing out my @rse at times,and sweating like a rapist! dont know if this was concentrating on not falling off!! with using these during the week and a long ride at weekend hopefully my hard work over the summer will not go to waste too much. Thanks for your recomendations.