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Yes i know, heres another noob asking for advice from all you guys on what i should be looking at and buying so apologies in advance!

Ive been looking at some of the other posts and im trying to get a definitive response before i go and blow £500 on a new mountain bike.

So heres the problem; Im now 22 (by no means old i know) and i used to ride heavily (trials and dirt jumping mainly) in my younger days (between 12-17) but as soon as i got a car and had more fun with a 250cc motoX bike i had no need for a push bike anymore.

But ive decided to get back into it, as i only live a few miles from work im committing myself to cycle to work scheme as it seems like a good starting point. eventually i will get back into it im sure and start doing it recreationally at the weekends with mates.

The budget im looking at is around £500 and for this there is a couple of models that have caught my eye and im just looking for your guys opinion if im looking in the right direction or not, any help you can give would be much appreciated!

GT Avalanche 2.0 Disc Mountain Bike 2010 - £512.99 ... untainbike 2010.aspx?&id=12119

Cube Analog Disc 2011 - £548.99 ... elID=57175

Those first 2 are a little over my budget, but i thought id include them incase the other ones ive picked out arent as value for money as these and therefore its worth to pay the little bit extra! Or if you guys can think of better models for similar, then if you could let me know

Specialized Hardrock Comp Disc Bike 2010 - £449.99 ... compdiscbi ke2010.aspx?&id=11553

Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 2011 - £459.99 ... sportdisc2 011.aspx?&id=14649

About the above 2, this might be a stupid comment but i cant really tell the difference spec wise apart from the colours?!?

Cannondale Trail SL 5 Mountain Bike 2010 - £494.10 ... ountainbik e2010.aspx?&id=11934

Scott Aspect 30 V-Brake Mountain Bike 2011 - £479.99 ... emountainb ike2011.aspx?&id=15149

Its alot of info i know, but any of the models above you think are deffinately worth it or if you think im barking up the wrong tree ANY help would be very greatful :)


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    Owning a 2010 hardrock sport disc then the 2011 sport disc would get the thumbs up from me...perhaps being a little biased but its a good spec bike for the money IMO.
  • Seriously who cares about vfm that much.

    Ride them all and see which one you like the most, the spec really isn't that important as you'll find you will either be riding within it's capabilities out out of them and a good fit will give you far more enjoyment than the lastest shinest bestest spec.
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    none of the links work bar the cube so go for that :D
  • Sorry about the links not working, its the website i think :(

    But im still unsure on what to do, im pushing towards the Cube to the the fact its got hydraulic discs rather than mechanical?

    But then again everyone else is saying you cant go wrong with a specialized, either the Hardrock or the P.1!

    Its just trying to weigh up really if the cube is worth £100 more than the specialized?

    Urgh :( :?
  • Ive ridden the specialized Hardrock (2010) but apart from that no as trying to find someone who has the cube analogue in is easier said than done for around my area.

    I know your right in trying them out and how they feel as everyones different its just i want to narrow down what im searching for before i do that so thats why i was asking about which is more value for money.
  • The issue I have is VFM is so subjective. Personally I find a lot of cheaper bikes aren't very good VFM for me because I hate riding cheaper parts generally and place a high value on low overall weights.
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    what I found with my cube hybrid is that it's better find out what they have in stock rather than go after a specific model as factory orders from cube can take ages
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    GT Avalanche if you don't want to stretch to the Cube. It has a descent Suntour fork as the Cubes does; RST on the other bikes are a bit of an unknown quantity. I've ridden the Suntour and it's good enough. It has hydraulic brakes, and it's a great frame.

    Other bikes in your options either have mechanical dics or RSTs. No brainer for me - I even bought an Avalanche Disc once upon a time. Great bike.
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    Also check out the Carrera Fury and Decthlon Rockrider 8.1. Superb bikes.
  • Thanks guys, from the feedback ive got from you and speaking to a few mates that still do it ill probably go for the cube analogue or see if i can get last years cubes attention as its a little higher spec.

    Will still keep looking though for sure!
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    Personally, I'd be trawling the bike stores at the weekend, trying to find a good deal on a 2010 bike.

    I checked the Pedalon web site, their selection is reducing but might still be worth you checking them out.

    As has been said, spec of the bike doesn't mean anything if it doesn't feel good to you. Don't discount certain brands, try as many bikes as you can, you might well be surprised.
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