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Problems when changing from Mountain Biking uk ..

waynerock64waynerock64 Posts: 29
[email protected]

Hi Kevin sorry to trouble you.

I subscribe to you in February this year, and received my Mountain bike UK Magazine, I wasn't to happy with it so i asked if i could swap it for the What Mountain Bike instead, I was told not a problem, well so i thought, since i changed it in April, I had received an email thanking me for subscribing to The Official Windows Magazine which i didn't, so i made a phone call to sort it out, so what they did was cancel it and restart a new account by then i had 3 accounts and was causing some confusion, so they closed them all and gave me a new account number, whilst they were sorting that out i went to my online account as they told me to close all direct debits, on doing this they had actually taken out of my account over £30.00 can’t remember how much. but since then everything had been sorted out after a few months of tedious phone calls, But this month I’ve been away and when i got home i noticed The Official Windows Mag I couldn't believe it, so today i made a phone call only to get knock back, I spoke to one of your staff who really didn't seem that bothered, I told her the situation about the payment coming out the early part of this year that they had taken to much out, The reply i got is that you have changed company's and have no record of my account of funds being taken out at that time, so i had to get proof, which by then i was getting jack off as I’ve had so many problems with your company, and I've been with MBR mag and never once had a problem, I feel totally let down after the mess that has happened early this year through swapping a Magazine over.. Is beyond me.
I went to check my account as its online and i can only go back to march.
I was told that my magazine would be covered to next year when i start it up again in February.. as i missed 2 months of the subscription and all the mess they had caused and phone calls, I’m not impressed and now wished i had taken a full refund..

I now feel that i have been robbed of what i thought was a good company providing me with a good mountain bike magazine..
How wrong i was..

If anyone else has had problems would be nice to know ..
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