Garmin Edge 500 and oversize handlebars?

Joycie Posts: 127
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I was thinking about buying the Garmin Edge 500 but I have oversize handlebars and have struggled in the past to get lights etc that can be mounted on them. My current Cat Eye is attached with cable ties so wasn't a problem.

Does anyone know what the mount is like that comes with the Garmin and will it fit on oversize bars?



  • amaferanga
    amaferanga Posts: 6,789
    It attaches with 2 rubber o-rings. It'll be fine on either your bars or on your stem.
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  • Surfr
    Surfr Posts: 243
    Yup plenty of o-rings in differing sizes supplied too. Mounted on my Road and MTB stems effortlessly and securely.
  • 31.8mm easy, although mines on the stem which is even fatter (or phatter if you're feeling gangsta).
  • Hudster
    Hudster Posts: 142
    It can attach to quite wide stems, so your handlebars will be fine.

    And to add, the mounting is secure enough for mountain biking, so it's a system that works well. You just need to be sure you have enough space to rotate the unit into place.